Follow Up Boss - Where real estate teams work.

Follow Up Boss is the Real Estate Team OS – an open platform where top performers break free from the constraints of traditional CRMs and find the power and flexibility they need to build thriving businesses. 

Unlike all-in-one systems that aren’t great at anything, FUB lets you have the best of everything. Connect your favorite lead sources and tech tools and Follow Up Boss becomes your team’s hub, where everything is organized, agents engage with the right people at the right time and you have total visibility into what’s happening. Now your team runs smoothly, increases production, and stays accountable, whether you’re in the office or not. 

The first line of code for Follow Up Boss was written in April, 2011. It started with an interview with our very first customer, who told us a story about how he couldn't even sit down to watch a movie with his kids because he had to stay on his phone, manually forwarding leads out to his agents from his email inbox.

Now, we're serving over 100,000 brokers, team leads and solo agents just like him, helping them close more deals and increase client satisfaction with less stress. Our fully-remote team of 100 puts the customer at the center of everything, creating a culture of constant innovation, above-and-beyond support, and community that goes far beyond software. 

On November 1, 2023, Follow Up Boss agreed to be acquired by Zillow Group.